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I had a pleasure to visit my family in Moldova   this Christmas .There were a lot of presents under the tree but biggest surprise for everyone was the weather. Within a few days the temperature dropped from +13 to -17 degrees! It was surreal being too warm in my coat one day and trying to hide my face from unmerciful blizzard next day.For this holiday I decided to bring with me only film camera. I felt very insecure without my trusty digital but I said: “No- you are staying home this time!”… And I didn’t regret it :)

One bright and crispy afternoon I brought my in-laws for a photo walk. It was about minus 7 and we ventured outdoors grabbing a sleigh to keep kids happy.I started off with a roll of Kodak Portra 400 overexposing by couple of stops to keep snow nice and bright. It handled this tricky lighting very well but the big revelation was to try Kodak Ektar. This film is considered not for people, more for landscapes as it tends to be very saturated but I absolutely adore the way  it rendered snow bluish and cold while keeping faces pleasantly warm. I will surely be shooting more of this film from now on!

Kodak Portra 400

portrait photography family 3 portrait photography family4 portrait photography family 2 portrait photography family1

Kodak Ektar 100

portrait photography family 7 portrait photography family 6 portrait photography family 5 portrait photography family 6

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