In May I had privilege to photograph First Communion of one of my best little models Sandra.After our very successful photo project ” Forlorn” that took place some time ago  I thought I had to document this day for her to remember.It was a lovely warm day and we enjoyed our little walk around Johnstown Castle.Taken with my trusted Contax film camera and fuji film these photos  reflect the mood and importance of the day. Cheerful, graceful yet thoughtful Sandra welcomed this important day in her life and I was thrilled to witness …

Communion photography Communion photography Communion photography Communion photography


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One of my favourite places in Wexford is Raven wood,near Curracloe village.I often come here for family walks or for jogging. It is beautiful and tranquil at any time of the year.Last November I went there for a quick photo walk with a local model to catch some golden hour images.I was testing rolls of […]

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I had a pleasure to visit my family in Moldova   this Christmas .There were a lot of presents under the tree but biggest surprise for everyone was the weather. Within a few days the temperature dropped from +13 to -17 degrees! It was surreal being too warm in my coat one day and trying to hide my face from unmerciful blizzard next day.For this holiday I decided to bring with me only film camera. I felt very insecure without my trusty digital but I said: “No- you are staying home this time!”… And I didn’t regret it :)

One bright and crispy afternoon I brought my in-laws for a photo walk. It was about minus 7 and we ventured outdoors grabbing a sleigh to keep kids happy.I started off with a roll of Kodak Portra 400 overexposing by couple of stops to keep snow nice and bright. It handled this tricky lighting very well but the big revelation was to try Kodak Ektar. This film is considered not for people, more for landscapes as it tends to be very saturated but I absolutely adore the way  it rendered snow bluish and cold while keeping faces pleasantly warm. I will surely be shooting more of this film from now on!

Kodak Portra 400

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Kodak Ektar 100

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This is a collection of images from recent boudoir shoot with model Sharon Murphy.I wanted to do this session with Sharon for  quite some time. She has that mysterious dreamy look that particularly suits boudoir photography .After some research I settled on Kilmokea house and it did not disappoint. The master bedroom there is top class and owners of the place are my old good friends.Driving there with Sharon i was a bit worried about light- the day was so dull, there was no hope for sunsine.I was going to shoot with film camera but my hopes to try Fuji Acros 100 film were diminishing with every minute.And when we finally arrived i was right: the room was too dark bu available light from those large windows was so even and smooth that higher ISO film such as kodak TriX 400 did the job just nicely.It added more character and grain to the images and shot at f2 aperture looked very classy and timeless to me. Just lovely, relaxed and dreamy boudoir session .

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Take Wexford Grand location such as Wells House,combine it with lazy November Sunday afternoon and add to the mix a lovely couple in love.All I had to do is step back and watch them

expressing their  feelings for each other. Watching how Andy pull Anni close, her being so relaxed is in his arms and …body language.These two are good together!

I love taking my film camera for shoots like these.Film is incredibly flattering yet so vibrant and full of life.The session went nice and smooth and we all had a great time.



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